RSS in Twitter: Where did they go?

Twitter LogoRecently, when Twitter redesigned their user interface and website, the RSS feature disappeared – or did it? Twitter is saying that this is just a design flaw and will fix it in later updates. The good news is that any old RSS feeds that you had setup will still continue to work.

In the meantime, what should you do if you would still like to use RSS feeds along with Twitter?

Fortunately, the folks at The Sociable have created a neat little Twitter RSS feed generator. With this neat tool, one can create RSS feeds for Twitter users, lists and searches (the search feature is in BETA, but appears to work nicely.

Once on the page from the link above, simply scroll down and you will see the three tools that you can use.

For example if you wanted to get an RSS feed of someone’s tweets by their username or just be able to catalog your own tweets easily you could enter the username in the box under “Generate an RSS Feed for a Twitter user” heading and click the Create… button. The example below shows how to use the generator to get an RSS feed for my Twittersphere.

Twitter RSS feed generator

Once you click the Create button, the screen will refresh with a link near the top that will contain your RSS feed. Simply copy and paste this link into your RSS reader. There will also be a link that will allow you to tweet your RSS feed to your followers.

Twitter RSS feed generator 2

I also used this RSS feed generator to search for the terms “IPAD” and “Classroom” in all tweets in order to curate resources on using the IPad in the classroom. Here is the link to that RSS feed –

Happy Tweeting and curating…


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