Your Voice is Powerful – VoiceThread in Education

VoiceThread App iconWired recently published an article on the power of one’s voice about a new study published in the January issue of Evolution and Human Behavior which provides evidence that voice – its tones and intonations and rhythms, known formally as prosodics – trigger soothing affects that do not appear with plain text communication. “People still need to interact the way we evolved to interact,” says one of the studies authors, Leslie J. Seltzer. “It doesn’t matter how many smiley faces you put in your IM. It’s not going to have the same effect as talking in person.”

The human voice is a critical tool for connecting in a meaningful way with those around you. Making voice connections easily in a technologically complex and networked world is what VoiceThreading is all about.

This post will share some of the ways that VoiceThread can be used in the classroom as well as provide some resources to tons of information on the webs and some upcoming FREE webinars about the tool.

First if you are not sure what VoiceThread is then check out their features page. Basically it allows one to upload and share pictures, documents and videos. Then others can join in the conversation and add their own comments either through text, audio or video. There is even an app for VoiceThread too.

VoiceThreads can be set private or public and can easily be embedded into your teacher’s or student’s website or blog. If you want to have the ability to create student accounts you can for a small fee, however several teachers have used the free account and different aliases for their use.

Happy VoiceThreading! If you have examples of threads that you or your students have recently created and used, please share in the comments below.

Below is an example of a student-produced VoiceThread on Planets.

Other Resources…

Upcoming Free Webinars…

VoiceThread Basics: 

Step-by-step instruction on all the core VoiceThreading skills —  effectively creating, commenting, sharing, and collaborating with VoiceThread.

  • VoiceThread Master Class – Learn about advanced VoiceThreading techniques like multi-stage comment moderation,  comment reordering, video doodling, collaborating with parents, and using VT for assessment purposes. Thurs, May 17th, 5pm PDT/8pm EDT
  • Harness the Power of VoiceThread’s District Management Tools – Admins have a great deal of power to define successful policy in a VoiceThread district. Learn how to wield that power effectively. Monday, April 23rd, 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
  • Professional Development – Learn how school Administrators can share best practices with a team and build a professional collaborative workplace with their faculty. Tuesday, May 1st, 12pm PDT/3pm EDT

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