Remember the Titans …er I mean the Titanic!

The TitanticNo other ship in the history of shipdom has garnished as much attention as the RMS Titanic. Several movies, books, documentaries, etc. have been created since the “Unsinkable” ship first set sail in 1912. As we approach the 100th anniversary of her demise on April 15, 1912, this post will give you some great resources to use in your classes this week or next.

To learn more about the history of the RMS Titanic and its passengers of which more than 1500 lost their lives, visit the following sites:

  1. The History Channel’s Titanic Archives
  2. Titanic Facts (good information but not updated since 2005)
  3. Explore Titanic (great resources)
  4. Expedition Titanic (raise the Titanic!)

There are also a few live twitter feeds that you can use to follow the timeline of the RMS Titanic’s voyage. AS we approach the 15th of April, these tweets will become more and more frequent and may even extend pas the 15th with commentary from the survivors, the Queen of England and others who were touched by the tragedy.

Those two feeds are @titanic_live, @titanicrealtime and @RMS_Titanic_Inc on Twitter.

For those of you that like to play the occasional (or more) game there are also several games online and ones that you can order (board games) about the Titanic. A few of my online favorites or below:

  1. National Geographic’s Adventure on the Titanic
  2. – Titanic
  3. History Channel’s Titanic Interactive
Goodwin Family

The Goodwin Family from the RMS Titanic

Finally for the teachers that might be reading this you can search for lesson plans and activities to do as you learn about the RMS Titanic. I have listed a few but have not taken the time to preview these lessons. Please make sure that you do and feel free to adjust them to your class needs.

  1. The Teacher’s Guide
  2. Lesson Planet
  3. Victoria Australia Museum (PDF)
  4. Instructor Web
  5. Read, Write, Think!
  6. Teacher’s Net (Cooperative game for primary PE class)
  7. Ed Helper
  8. Mr. Donn’s World History
  9. Car Family WordPress blog
  10. Search Planit
  11. TES – Titanic Anniversary Collection (thanks @coolcatteacher – Vicki Davis for sharing!)
  12. Encyclopedia Titanic

I hope you have fun learning and teaching about the RMS Titanic and her maiden and last voyage. If you create your own lesson plans please fell free to share them below. Thank you.


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