When Was the War of 1812 Fought?

Teaching History dot org logo“When Was the War of 1812 Fought?” Maybe you used to ask your buddies this question to make them think really hard or to make them look stupid. But how much do you know about the War of 1812? What is you are an American History teacher and you are looking for resources to help your students understand more about the War of 1812; where would you go? AS we celebrate 200 years since the War of 1812, this post will help you answer that question and give you a source of primary authentic documents and information that you can use to teach any topic in American History.

One of the greatest resources I have seen on authentic documentation and information about events in American history is TeachingHistory.org. According to their website they are a “A single destination for K-12 American history content, teaching methods, and current research.”

Their website is nicely organized with introductory videos about the site for teachers or all grade levels. There are three main categories for educators to explore: Teaching Materials, History Content and Best Practices. There is even a spotlight section and a daily quiz so you can test your knowledge. Have fun exploring this great resource for American history.

You can also follow TeachingHistory.org on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh visit here to learn more about the War of 1812…


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