QR Coded For The Future

About Don Mace!Maybe you have seen some of the strange-looking images like the one at the right. These are QR Codes that first became popular in Japan a few years back and thanks to the earthquake and tsunami we learned about the in the US. If you are already familiar with them and have a scanner, go ahead and scan that one – don’t worry it is just going to some information about me. Most businesses have recognized the power of marketing using these neat little barcodes and have even designed codes that resemble their logos. This post will give you some resources and examples about using QR Codes in the classroom.

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Where Are My Sticky Notes When I Need Them?

Sticky-Notes on computerSince April 6, 1980, when Post-it-Notes debuted for public consumption, people have been awed by the usefulness of these paper, restickable and handy notes. In the web2.0 era several companies have created “Sticky Note” sites for folks to be able to use electronic versions of Post-it-Notes. Teachers in the classroom have started using them as well. This post will give you more information about one such site and its usefulness in the classroom.

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