Tweeting Can Be Fun Too!

twitter birdTweeting does not always have to be about reading 140 characters or searching for interesting tools or techniques to use in the classroom or trying to make connections to strengthen your PLN. Tweeting can also be fun – or at least the way we view the tweets and their impact around the world. Using some of the free tools that are available online, you can visualize tweets in different ways and this might even help to attract the tweeting interest of students and staff. This post will discuss some of those tools as well as provide links to other tools that you might want to explore yourself.

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Starting Your School District’s Social Media Presence

Social Media WordleMost school districts and schools in the US are a little reluctant about starting a presence in social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Some of these concerns are valid and understandable, but in today’s social media driven world, it is important that school districts and schools get on board. If school districts don’t start an official presence then it is possible that someone else will begin to represent the district or your school in Social Media and it may not be the reflection that you were hoping for. This post will share some helpful tips about getting started.

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Remember the Titans …er I mean the Titanic!

The TitanticNo other ship in the history of shipdom has garnished as much attention as the RMS Titanic. Several movies, books, documentaries, etc. have been created since the “Unsinkable” ship first set sail in 1912. As we approach the 100th anniversary of her demise on April 15, 1912, this post will give you some great resources to use in your classes this week or next.

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RSS in Twitter: Where did they go?

Twitter LogoRecently, when Twitter redesigned their user interface and website, the RSS feature disappeared – or did it? Twitter is saying that this is just a design flaw and will fix it in later updates. The good news is that any old RSS feeds that you had setup will still continue to work.

In the meantime, what should you do if you would still like to use RSS feeds along with Twitter?

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